Best Ibiza Bars: Where to Have a Good Night Out

Ask anyone what’s the best party destination in the world and Ibiza is probably in their top 3! This fabulous Balaeric Island of Spain is trendsetting and always hip and happening with epic beach clubs and cool bars everywhere. Ask us what are the best bars in Ibiza and we come up with these:

1. Paradise Lost

cool, eccentric and eclectic bar in Ibiza Town.
Credit: Paradise Lost Ibiza on Facebook

Luring you in with bright pink neon lights, Paradise Lost is a cool, eccentric and eclectic bar located in Ibiza Town. They are famous for their rum cocktails. In fact, they have an entire menu dedicated to their rum-based cocktails so do try some out when you get the chance. There are indoor and outdoor places to lounge, hang out and dance. Let’s get lost!

2. Cafe del Mar

chill and have som drinks at the world-famous beach club, Cafe del Mar.
Credit: cafedelmar on Instagram

World-famous! Cafe del Mar is located on the sunset strip in San Antonio. It’s been around since 1980 with epic parties and events. Excellent cocktails, stellar sunsets, chill-out music and party vibes until the wee hours of the night. Welcome to Cafe del Mar in Ibiza!

3. Kumharas

lovely sunset bar with a relaxed vibe.
Credit: Kumharas on Facebook

Kumharas is a lovely sunset bar with boho-chic interiors and a relaxed vibe. There is a big oceanfront terrace with tables and lounge spots to watch the sunset while sipping cocktails and enjoying food. At night, Kumharas turns into a nightclub with ongoing music, entertainment and performers. This bar is located in San Antonio. Go check it out if you are staying around that area.

4. Cafe Mambo

party over sunset at Mambo Ibiza.
Credit: Mambo Ibiza on Facebook

Always packed with good party people, Cafe Mambo is located in San Antonio on the buzzing Sunset Strip just like Cafe Del Mar. It’s always busy and lively. You can lounge all day until sunset strikes and the party all night long under the starry night sky. Expect wild nights with renowned DJs from around the world. You’ll love it!

5. Bambuddha

tropical vibe restaurant in Ibiza.
Credit: bambuddhaibiza on Instagram

Inspired by places like Goa and Ubud (Bali), you could believe you are holidaying in the tropics instead of Europe. Bambuddha is a beautiful restaurant and bar with a bamboo garden, Balinese statues and traditional Asian houses. It’s also a food village with delicious dishes carefully designed in honour of the ancient Spice Route from Spain. Organic, local and sustainable, perhaps this place is more about food than nightlife but it’s a must-visit!

6. Itaca Ibiza

beachfront restaurant in Ibiza perfect for sunset lover and partygoer.
Credi: itaca.ibiza on Instagram

Itaca Ibiza is a wonderful place to hang out during the day and nighttime. You can chill out on the beachfront terrace or the rooftop terrace, enjoying the Seabreeze, and sharing a bottle of wine or a shisha. After sunset, the party kicks in. There are different events going on every evening. House music, R&B, garage rock, old school tunes, Ibiza classics and more, Itaca Ibiza has got something for every partygoer.

7. Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Irish pub and sports bar perfect for clubbing and partying in Ibiza.
Credit: 7. Flaherty’s Irish Bar on Instagram

This bar is one of a kind on Ibiza Island, Flaherty’s is an Irish pub and sports bar where you can grab a pint of beer and play some pool. A great place to start the evening with some friends before diving into the club life Ibiza is famous for.

Happy clubbing! Happy partying!

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