The Jewel of the West Coast: Things to do in San Antonio

Best things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio is famous for its sunsets, clubs, beaches and parties. This happening cosmopolitan town is located on the west coast of Ibiza and there are plenty of things to see and do. The fabulous sunset strip is the place to be for fun crowds, drinks, music and beautiful views. Find yourself the perfect villa and go explore the town and surrounding area. You’ll love it! This blog is all about things to do in San Antonio.

Sunset drinks on the Sunset Strip

enjoy a sip of refreshing drinks and cocktails at the infamous beach club in Ibiza.

This is what you came for, right?! Now sit back and relax, sunset is about to strike and you are going to get stunned. This lively beachfront promenade is full of famous bars, restaurants and beach clubs. Take your pick! The Sunset Strip is impossible to miss during your San Antonio stay in Ibiza. One way or another you’ll be ending up at Cafe del Mar at some point in your stay.

Swim and sunbathe at the beautiful beaches

swim and sunbathe at a long and wide fine golden beach near San Antonio.
Cala Salada near San Antonio

S’Arenal is the main beach in San Antonio featuring 800 meters of fine golden sands. It’s a long and wide where you are going to spend lots of time when staying in San Antonio. There are also many smaller coves to discover such as the beautiful Cala des Moro. Cala Bassa and Cala Conte are located a bit further away (+-10 km) but they are well worth a visit. Cala Basa is famous for watersports. If you’re a beach lover, you also have to check out Cala Salada. It takes around 15 minutes to drive there but it’s a gem!

Go on a boat trip

go on a boat trip and sail off into the sunset on a catamaran or a classic wooden sailing boat.
Credit: fincacantruy on Instagram

San Antonio is one of the ports from where you can go on a boat trip and sail off into the sunset. You can go for a catamaran or a classic wooden sailing boat or you can combine the boat trip with snorkelling or diving. On the way, you will stop at remote little coves and beaches inaccessible by land. You can sail to the island of Formentera or Es Vedra Rock. These are all wonderful experiences!

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Get your adrenaline junky out with Watersports

do something fun like watersports activities that will make your adrenaline rushed
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There are loads of watersports activities to do in San Antonio. Jet-skiing, kayaking, parasailing, banana boat rides, kite surfing, scuba diving – the list is endless. Try them all if you are an adrenaline junky 🙂

Go beach clubbing

San Antonio is well known as one of the hottest clubbing destinations in Ibiza, make sure, you don't miss any beach clubs while you're here.
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In San Antonio, one of the hottest clubbing destinations in Ibiza, you’ll find famous clubs such as Es Paradis, Cafe del Mar, Eden, Amnesia and Privilege. You can go clubbing every single day of your stay if you want to. If you came to Ibiza to party, staying in San Antonio is a great choice!

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