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Our lovely villas and dedicated services aim to make your trip special. If the below fits your idea of a perfect vacation, then you're in the right place!

  • Craving comfort and convenience? Our meticulously handpicked Ibiza villas offer a luxurious and cosy retreat to relax after your exciting island escapades.
  • Value personalised service? From booking to departure, we provide expert local knowledge and tailored support to make your stay exceptional.
  • Planning a group or family holiday? Whether it’s a relaxing holiday with friends and families or a special celebration, our concierge team ensures organising your trip is easy and enjoyable.
  • Love stress-free travel? Villa Finder will handle all the details, so you can unwind and focus on making everlasting memories in Ibiza.

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Enchanted Holidays: Ibiza Villas Loved by Travellers Like You

Villa La Pearl
Villa La Pearl

Es Cubells - 6 bedrooms

from USD 2,939 per night

57% off for a stay of 7 nights or longer, from 06/07/2024 to 13/07/2024
Villa Roca
Villa Roca

Ibiza Town - 8 bedrooms

from USD 7,802 per night

Villa Rica
Villa Rica

Es Cubells - 5 bedrooms

from USD 5,462 per night

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Complimentary concierge services

Want to pre-stock your villa with groceries before you arrive? Need an airport transfer? Want to see more of your holiday destination outside of your villa? Perhaps you’re celebrating a special occasion?

As experts, we know every guest has different expectations for a holiday, which is why we personalise our services based on what you need, not just on what’s already available. If there’s a better alternative, we’ll find it. We pride ourselves on providing a luxury concierge service that’s of high quality and reliable for all our guests, no matter the type of holiday.

The Villa Finder concierge service is offered complimentary for every booking, our team can be contacted via WhatsApp, email, phone or live chat, 7 days a week.

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Villa Romero
Villa Romero

South West Ibiza - 6 bedrooms

from USD 1,470 per night

54% off for a stay of 7 nights or longer, from 29/06/2024 to 03/08/2024
Villa La Pearl
Villa La Pearl

Es Cubells - 6 bedrooms

from USD 2,939 per night

57% off for a stay of 7 nights or longer, from 06/07/2024 to 13/07/2024
Villa La Fabrica
Villa La Fabrica

San Jose - 6 bedrooms

from USD 644 per night

19% off for a stay of 7 nights or longer, from 13/07/2024 to 20/07/2024

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Ibiza Villas for Rent for the Perfect Holiday

Ibiza is a magical place full of white sand beaches, beautiful Mediterranean views, and stunning villa properties. The island offers something for everyone with its lively nightlife, world-class restaurants, and endless opportunities for relaxation. An Ibiza villa rental truly allows you to make the most of this gorgeous island paradise.

Booking your Ibiza villa through Ibiza Villa Finder will ensure you peace of mind. Why? Because we are there with you from start to finish. From ensuring the quality of each property to answering all your questions to helping you choose the best place, and even helping you plan your itinerary. Our dedicated concierge team is available for you any time of day to help turn your dream vacation into reality.

Why We Love Ibiza Villas

A villa rental gives you the freedom and flexibility that hotels can't match. You’re not locked into any schedules except your own. Meaning – that you don’t have to rush down early morning to catch the breakfast buffet. You can swim in your pool any time you like. You can stay up as late as you like, chatting and enjoying music without disturbing your next-door neighbour. You control the atmosphere and set your own schedule. You are the boss.

With sprawling patios and shaded gardens, the kids have room to run around and play while you unwind with a good book or simply doze in the sun. With a fully-equipped kitchen, you have everything you need to make your favourite comfort foods and indulge in long, lazy breakfasts and dinners. You can shop for fresh local ingredients at the colourful outdoor markets dotting the island and not have to worry about where to store all your goods.

A villa stay gives you space, privacy, and full control to experience Ibiza however you like. You get to fully immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, tastes, and rhythms. You'll create lasting memories with your loved ones as you make yourself at home in your very own slice of paradise.

Ibiza Villa Finder's Premium Villa Rentals

Our collection of luxury Ibiza villas goes beyond the ordinary. From classic whitewashed fincas to stunning modern villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, we have the perfect holiday rental for families, groups of friends, and couples seeking an unforgettable getaway.

We've personally vetted every villa in our selection for comfort, location, and amenities. All of our Ibiza villa rentals include high-speed WiFi, air conditioning, private pools, SMART TVs, and modern kitchens. Many villas also offer home cinemas, indoor gyms, roof decks, and large verandas to watch the sunset. We also offer babysitting services, private chefs, and massage therapists at an additional cost. Anything you could ever want to have a perfect holiday, we can provide for you - just ask our concierge team.

We take pride in handpicking only the very best villas in the most desirable locations across Ibiza. We make sure everything is in tip-top shape before your arrival and the villa is tailored to all your specific needs. Our goal is to remove all the unwanted stress of planning a trip and make sure you focus on enjoying your holiday with those closest to your heart.

Our Favorite Ibiza Villas Destinations

Ibiza Town. The capital of Ibiza is a great option for families who want convenience. It's well connected to the airport and ferries, and the medieval alleyways and plazas are a wonderful sight to explore.

Santa Eulalia. Families will love staying here because the main beach is entirely a smoke-free zone. Plus, there are lots of water sports on offer! There are also lots of beachside cafes where your kids can enjoy some icecream during a hot day.

San Antonio. If you’re a group of friends looking to have some fun in Ibiza, then this is the place to go. Lined with beach clubs and restaurants, San Antonio is brimming with lively energy. This is also the best place to catch the sunset while enjoying a drink or two.

Es Cubells. This charming little village transports you back in time. This picturesque place sees few tourists and has few amenities, giving it a wonderfully remote feel. If you want to get away from it all, this is the perfect place to retreat.

Northern Coast. For those seeking seclusion and natural beauty, the cliffs of Es Cana are dramatically beautiful, with small coves and inlets providing opportunities for swimming in crystal-clear waters. Yogis will also love Portinatx as they hold many yoga retreats in the area. This is an ideal place to truly unwind and reconnect with nature.

Whichever location you choose as your Ibiza villa rental base, we promise to provide the very finest accommodation and service so you can make the most of your dream holiday on the White Isle.

Best Time to Travel to Ibiza

Ibiza offers a range of experiences depending on the time of year you visit. The best time to visit Ibiza for most travellers is from late May to early October when the island basks in glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. During this period, the island comes alive with bustling beach clubs, lively nightlife, and various cultural festivals. July and August are peak months, famous for their vibrant party scene and crowded beaches, making it the ideal time for those of you looking to experience Ibiza’s renowned nightlife and summer festivities.

For families, the best time to visit Ibiza is during the shoulder seasons, in late May to early June or September to early October. During these months, the weather is still warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying the island's beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. The crowds are thinner, and the atmosphere is more relaxed, making it easier for your family to explore attractions, enjoy family-friendly beaches, and dine in peace at the island's many excellent restaurants. Additionally, many resorts and accommodations offer better rates and deals during these periods, providing a more affordable yet still enchanting Ibiza experience.

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