Island Eats: Exploring the Best Restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza

best restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza

Embarking on a culinary escapade in Ibiza’s San Antonio? Unveil the tapestry of flavors woven into the town’s dining landscape. This list, presented in no particular order, is your guide to navigating the array of gastronomic experiences that the best restaurants in San Antonio have to offer. 

From hidden gems serving local delicacies to stylish eateries boasting international fusion, this article offers a mosaic of tastes and aromas that define the essence of Ibiza’s dining scene.

1. Sa Soca

Restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza - Sa Soca
Image credit: Sa Soca

Sa Soca, which translates to ‘The Tree Trunk,’ is a family restaurant run by the second generation of the same family. It is tucked away in a quiet countryside setting, just a short drive from San Antonio towards San Jose. 

Sa Soca is well-known among locals and visitors for its authentic family recipes, featuring the best of Ibizan and Mediterranean cuisines, including traditional fish and meat dishes and homemade desserts. It is a must to try their paellas and fish stew.

The restaurant also has a pleasant outdoor terrace, surrounded by nature with views of the surrounding landscape. If you’re looking for a cozy and relaxed dining experience, Sa Soca is the perfect choice.

Location:  Carretera de Sant Josep a Sant Antoni, 07839 Sant Agustí des Vedrà, Illes Balears, Spain

2. Es Gerret

Es Gerret, one of the best restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza, is an ideal destination for those wanting to experience the town’s modern tapas culture. Its inviting lounge atmosphere, coupled with its sophisticated decor, makes for a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. 

Perfect for group sharing, Es Gerret’s generously sized tapas plates offer a variety of innovative flavors. Prices are surprisingly reasonable for the quality of the food, making it a great value for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious meal.

Location: Carrer Vara de Rey, 23, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

3. Es Rebost de Can Prats

where to eat in San Antonio
Image credit: Es Rebost de Can Prats

Es Rebost de Can Prats has been serving locals and visitors in San Antonio since Christmas 1994, making it one of the first shops in the area. This establishment specializes in traditional recipes from the island, offering seasonal dishes made with locally sourced products. 

Visitors can enjoy the “calamari a la bruta” during the summer, while Easter brings the traditional roast suckling lamb and a delicious flaó.

The restaurant’s popularity has grown over the years due to its delicious and varied offerings, making it a go-to destination for those looking for a unique and flavorful experience.

Location: Carrer de Cervantes, 4, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

4. Es Ventall

Es Ventall San Antonio
Image credit: Es Ventall

Es Ventall has been a staple in San Antonio for over 35 years, and it recently earned acclaim from the Gastronomy Academy of Ibiza and Formentera as the best restaurant on the island. 

Its modern twist on traditional Ibizan recipes, along with its rustic interior and pleasant courtyard, makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant takes great pride in using produce from their own family vegetable garden, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients go into their delectable dishes, the Bullit de Peix and Sofrit Pagès are just a few examples.

If you’re looking for a unique and tasty dining experience, Es Ventall is the perfect place to go. With its experienced staff, relaxing atmosphere, and delicious food, Es Ventall is sure to be a memorable experience.

Location: Carrer de Cervantes, 22, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

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5. Es Tragon

Es Tragón
Image credit: Es Tragón

For a truly exquisite culinary experience, look no further than Es Tragón in San Antonio, Ibiza. This Michelin-starred restaurant has a wide range of local and international wines, and their personalized menus are designed with the finest seasonal ingredients. 

With its popularity, it can be tricky to get a table during peak season, so make sure to reserve in advance to guarantee a seat and enjoy a remarkable meal.

The setting is cozy and inviting, the service is always top-notch, and the five-star multi-course menu is well worth the price. A visit to Es Tragón is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Location: Ctra. Cap Negret, s/n, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

6. Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar

Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar
Image credit: Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar

Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar, a hidden gem, is one of the best restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza. It is the perfect spot for a memorable and unique evening with friends, as it offers a range of delicious Mediterranean tapas dishes with a twist. 

The menu features fish, meat, vegetable and vegan options, all freshly prepared with a touch of finesse. To top it off, the wine list, cocktails, and music create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

Make sure to visit Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar for an evening you won’t forget, making it one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio.

Location: Camí des Regueró, 4, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

7. POM Thai

If you are looking for an unforgettable evening, POM Thai is the perfect place for you! With its romantic atmosphere and stunning terrace with a garden and pool, it’s the perfect backdrop for a special evening.

POM Thai sources their products from their own orchard, offering customers unique dishes. From sharing platters to classic Thai Curries and Pad Thai dishes, their menu caters to everyone’s tastes. 

They also provide vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a wide range of wines and beers. And don’t miss out on Chef’s special menu with specials like the ‘Weeping Tiger.’

Location: Avenida, Carrer de Cala de Bou, 73, 07829 Sant Agustí des Vedrà, Balearic Islands, Spain

8. Sa Capella

Sa Capella
Image credit: Sa Capella

Ibiza’s culinary scene has been thriving for centuries, but for something truly special, head to Sa Capella. Located in San Antonio, this 16th-century converted church is home to some of the most exquisite fine dining experiences on the island and a perfect location for those special occasions.

Sa Capella is one of the best restaurants in San Antonio, Ibiza and is the perfect place for special occasions. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a family celebration, or just a night out with friends, the stylish ambiance and inspiring surroundings of Sa Capella provide the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable evening.

Location: Carrer Capella, 26, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

9. Natural Pau

San Antonio Ibiza restaurant - Natural Pau
Image credit: Natural Pau

Natural Pau is an inviting restaurant that welcomes both meat-eaters and vegans alike. Here, you can experience a culinary journey with dishes that draw from a variety of cultures and have a Mediterranean twist. 

Enjoy some of their homemade creations, like pizza, shawarma, salads, piadinas, and sweet treats like tiramisu, panna cotta, and dulce de leche.

For those looking to start their day off right, they also offer a wide selection of breakfasts, plus all-natural juices to give you a burst of energy.

Location: Bellavista, Carrer de s’Embarcador, 3, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain

10. Can Tixedó Art Café

Can Tixedó Art Café
Image credit: Can Tixedó Art Café

At Can Tixedó Art Café, you can find the ideal blend of art and gastronomy. Throughout the year, the café hosts art exhibitions and offers an array of live music events.

In addition to delicious meals made with premium quality ingredients sourced mostly from the local area, the café also serves delightful breakfasts and homemade tapas prepared with a unique flair.

Take a break from your worries and experience an unforgettable night at Can Tixedó Art Café.

Location: Ctra. Santa Inés, Carr. de Forada, Km 5, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain

11. Can Pujol

Can Pujol is a renowned eatery located in the scenic town of Sant Antoni de Portmany. Since its opening in 1980, the restaurant has been serving the locals with their delicious and traditional dishes of Ibizan cuisine.

The menu of Can Pujol is full of seafood delights and rice dishes, all of which are cooked to perfection. Among the favorites of the locals and visitors alike is the bullit de peix with arroz a banda, a classic and tasty combination of fish and rice. 

The restaurant offers an exceptional experience with its friendly staff, cozy ambiance, and, of course, the delectable dishes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Can Pujol is the place to go for an unforgettable dining experience.

Location: Ctra. de Port des Torrent, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany – Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

12. Hostal La Torre

Hostal La Torre is a one-of-a-kind place on the picturesque island of Ibiza, boasting an unbeatable location, perched on a cliff top overlooking the islet of Conejera. The sunsets here are nothing short of magical, and the terraced restaurant provides the perfect spot to enjoy them. 

Enjoy these foods with their extensive wine list or one of the tasty cocktails, accompanied by an attentive and friendly service. Every evening, the hostel invites big-name and local DJs to play the best Chillout music, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

Hostal La Torre is the perfect place for a romantic evening or a gathering of friends, where you are guaranteed to be treated with personal care and attention.

Location: Ctra. Cap Negret, 25, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

13. Es Nàutic Restaurante

Es Nautic, San Antonio
Image credit: Es Nautic,

Es Nautic, located on the promenade next to the marina, is one of the best restaurants in San Antonio Ibiza. Opened in 2013, it has become renowned for its excellent fish and rice dishes and Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant is built on stilts above the sea, giving diners the sensation that they are still on the water. Guests can savor the chef’s unique creations made with carefully-selected fresh local produce, such as delicious seafood paellas. The extensive wine list perfectly complements these exquisite foods perfectly.

Es Nautic, one of the ideal places to visit when in San Antonio, promises an unforgettable dining experience that must be experienced.

Location: Pg. de la Mar, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain

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It’s obvious that San Antonio’s restaurants are more than just places to dine. They’re gateways to Ibiza’s heart and soul. Armed with a newfound appreciation for the artistry of food and the vibrant spirit of this destination, enjoy your own visits to the restaurants in San Antonio, Ibiza.

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