How to Make the Most out of Your Ibiza Trip in the Summer

things to do in summer in ibiza

The white isle of Ibiza allures thousands of travelers each summer with its azure waters, white sands, vibrant nightlife, and unparalleled natural beauty. While you may think that Ibiza gets packed with partygoers, there are plenty of serene, hidden jewels to visit and a myriad of things to do in summer in Ibiza for families, groups of friends, or single travelers.

As Ibiza is a small island that’s easy to get around, you can experience numerous adventures every single day. It’s the perfect place to let all worries melt away and create lifelong memories. We would love to share a few of our favorite activities in Ibiza in the summer so that you can enjoy every minute of your dream vacation. 

Have you thought about kayaking during the full moon?

summer activities in Ibiza - kayaking under the full moon
Photo by Zeynep Sümer on Unsplash

It’s maybe even more romantic and enchanting than it sounds. Imagine setting out to sea in kayaks after sunsets while the stars start showing up in the sky and the moon reflects light as a long glittering beam across the waves. With the sound of the ocean and your group, you are all alone with nature.

Plenty of places offer guided kayak tours letting you peacefully paddle with an experienced guide along the picturesque coast of Ibiza while exploring secret places and gorgeous coves under the magical moonlight. Maybe you’ll even see the dark, moonlit silhouettes of fish jumping.

Best tips for kayaking in summer in Ibiza

While your guide is trained to ensure your safety, it’s recommended to prepare accordingly. You will be seated in the kayak for a while so comfortable clothing and a sweater or jacket for the cooler night temperatures is key.

Remember that anything that you bring on the kayak can get wet or lost in the sea so use waterproof bags to store your belongings safely, especially if you decide to bring a phone or camera to capture the unforgettable moments.

Bringing a water bottle and something to nibble on if you feel peckish is also a good idea. This is definitely an experience that will leave lasting memories. 

Experience the magical Ibizan sunsets!

experience Ibiza sunset in summer
Photo by Ana Paula Franzoti on Unsplash

Ibiza is famous for its magical sunsets starting with a long golden hour with beautiful warm hues of color covering the surroundings.

It’s hard to choose the best sunset location as they are all over the island. If you want to enjoy an enchanting sunset on the beach with a nice meal and drinks, you can head to Cala Jondal and pick a nice sea-facing table with lounge chairs. This is a place you can stay for hours just admiring the beauty of the surroundings and watch the spectacular and long sunset.

You can also head to the west coast to San Antonio where they have a renowned sunset strip. Here you can find numerous bars and cafes to relax with a refreshing sunset drink for magical memories. Café del Mar is the most renowned and a wonderful spot to listen to chill out music watching the sunset. 

On Ibiza’s northern coast, you can find the famous Benirrás Beach which is known for its sunset celebration where a large crowd of drummers gather around to jam with rhythmic beats as a salute to the sun setting. It can get quite crowded, so it’s best to arrive early.

On the west coast, you can head to Cala Conta for that breathtaking sunset one can only dream of. This is also known as one of the most beautiful coves on the island with turquoise waters surrounded by Ibiza’s recognizable dramatic rockfaces. Here you can also admire Es Vedrà, which is known as a mystical rock in the sea. 

But who says you need to be in a bar to watch a sunset? There are so many spots in Ibiza’s beautiful nature where you can perch with a picnic basket of local food and drinks for a peaceful and unforgettable experience in nature. 

Savor a delicious paella on the beach

things to do in summer: paella on the beach
Photo by martin becker on Unsplash

A paella is a culinary delight in itself, but savored on the beach takes the experience to a whole different level.

A paella is a famous Spanish dish, usually prepared in a large pan for a group of people to share and consists of fried, aromatic rice with a variety of ingredients that vary from region to region. Usually, it comes with meat like poultry or beef, but there are also seafood paellas with shrimp, langoustine, and other fresh catches from the sea.

You can also find variations like black squid ink paella. It’s easy to find a restaurant or chiringuito serving paella on the beach letting you relax with your feet in the sand and gazing at the crystal clear, turquoise waters. Experiencing enchanting moments is not hard in Ibiza.

But the price of the paella does not always equal the quality and the taste of it. You can often find a tastier paella at a small chiringuito than in a famous beach club. Paella recipes are often passed on in families so sometimes it’s the small establishments that are the winners when it comes to the most flavorful paella.

You can also get the ingredients in a local supermarket and cook it in the comfort of your own villa. There are many paella cooking classes on Ibiza where you can enjoy a glass of wine while learning how to make this savory dish. And many Ibiza villas come with local chef services that can come whip up a fantastic paella and if you love cooking, he will probably be happy to show you the secrets of that perfect paella. Then just pack it up with a bottle of sangria and find a gorgeous beach spot to have the most memorable picnic.  

Hop on a boat to Formentera for an adventure 

Check out Formentera
Photo by Ferran Feixas on Unsplash

Even though Ibiza has endless opportunities for adventures, you can also easily take a boat to Formentera for the day. Formentera is a small island that will greet you with breathtaking beaches with white sand and azure waters. A pure paradise for those who want to replenish and rejuvenate.

Some beaches to explore are Playa de Migjorn, Cala Saona, and Ses Illetes where you can bask in the sun without the bustle that some of the beaches on Ibiza have.

For those who love snorkeling and diving, this is a true paradise. There are plenty of things to see underwater and you can meet colorful fish playing around stunning coral reefs. 

Even though you can find serene beaches, there are also a few vibrant beach clubs and chiringuitos on Formentera. These are wonderful places to enjoy a tasty meal after a day of exploring or have sunset cocktails on comfortable beach loungers.

The island is also full of cycling and hiking trails, and you can easily rent a bike to explore the beauty of the island. If you pedal along the stunning coast, you can enjoy the beauty of the white sands and azure sea, yet if you head inland you can discover vineyards, olive groves, and the traditional white houses sprinkled across the Balearic islands. Cycling on Formentera is a smooth ride as the terrain is mostly flat. 

While visiting Formentera, it’s well worth visiting Espalmador which is only a short boat ride away. It can also be accessed by foot during low tide. This hidden gem is known for its healing natural mud pools and unspoiled nature.

Also recommended is checking out the cultural scene of Formentera even though the island is mostly known for its pristine nature. There are galleries filled with art of local artists and the Church of Sant Francesc Xavier to explore. If you want to immerse yourself in the island’s history, you can visit the Ethnological Museum of Formentera. 

Get your hippie grooves on at Flower Power at Pacha

Every Monday at the famous club Pacha, you can travel back in time to the 1960s and get your flower power groove on. The events are a tribute to the hippie culture and flower power that reigned on the island and celebrates peace and love. The celebration inspires nostalgia and is a reflection of how parties on Ibiza used to be, even though there still is a large hippie culture on the island.

This is your chance to go to the hippie market on the island and find the grooviest outfit available so that you can dance the night away to psychedelic decorations, 60’s rhythms like rock and folk. This is about flowery shirts, bell bottoms, tie dye clothes, peace signs, an overload of beads, and flower crowns.

The party creators have meticulously curated the décor to make guests feel like they are back in the 1960s with peace signs, vintage posters, and flower power symbols all around. Including the vibrant dance floor, there are performances and light shows for a perfect way to end an adventurous summer day in Ibiza.

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