Things to do in Winter: Enjoying All the Winter Wonders Ibiza has to Offer

things to do in winter in ibiza

After the hectic summer months, the Ibizan towns move back into their regular rhythms and a sense of peace stretches over the island. But there’s no reason why the high season should be the best time to come to Ibiza. With its mild climate, the island is lovely to visit any time of year. The gorgeous nature with beautiful beaches, azure waters, and mesmerizing sunsets aren’t going anywhere.

Winter is actually a wonderful time to visit Ibiza, especially if you’re in a colder climate and want to escape somewhere with more comfortable temperatures. Check out our recommendations for things to do in winter in Ibiza below!

Exploring the Island by Foot or Bike

walking around Ibiza
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Ibiza is a paradise for people who love hiking and biking as there is so much variety and so many options for people of all ages and skill levels. From rugged, rocky terrain, to lush forests, beautiful beaches, stunning coastal routes to spectacular cliff paths, the choices are limitless!

Whether you are planning on exploring the island by foot or by bike, the first step should be to get some good maps. They can usually be found in the tourist office and online and the trails for both biking and hiking are marked along with how challenging they are. 

Guided tours in Ibiza

If you don’t feel comfortable with heading out on foot by yourself, there are several free guided tours available. One example is on the Guruwalk website where you can get an essential Ibiza tour or a sunset and street art tour in San Antoni for free. Donations between 10-50 euros are common though if you appreciated the walk.

History enthusiasts may appreciate the free historical tours of Dalt Vila. Here you will delve into the history of Ibiza and learn about the Phoenicians by the Mediterranean Sea and the construction of the impressive Renaissance wall of Dalt Vila. The same company also offers other free tours, just make sure you book them online beforehand. 

Having a local walking guide is a great idea as they are able to show you the secret coves, beaches, hidden historical places like pirate and smuggler caves. Ibiza Outdoors offers several guided walking tours and the perks are many. They have a selection of nature routes covering some of the most beautiful spots on the island.

There are breaks for swimming or photos and for safety and practical reasons, it’s always good to have a guide. First of all, to brief you on what attire to wear and what to bring, but secondly they know the island in and out so should there be any safety hazards, they would make sure the group is secure. 

things to do in winter in ibiza - biking around
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Biking in Ibiza

Biking in Ibiza is great fun with the variety of terrain and landscapes with abundant beauty all around. As it’s a small island, renting a bike can help you get around from town to town or explore all the trails Ibiza has to offer.

If you want to get insider tips and ride with a professional guide, Bike Ibiza has a great selection of beautiful routes where you can discover the natural wonders of Ibiza. It somehow makes it easier when you just have to follow a guide rather than having to stop often and look at a map or the phone to verify where you are. 

Savor the Traditional Local Dishes

Welcome to a foodie’s haven! Ibiza has the most delectable dishes made with fresh, local produce and a big dose of love. You’ll find recipes that have been handed down generation by generation, preciously guarded by the families through centuries. Many restaurants serve dishes from other countries or fusions, but tasting the local dishes are absolutely worth it.

A great way to start is to take a food tour. There are several options around Ibiza and this gives you an introduction to local food. The guide will usually explain to you what products are used, how they are sourced, what dishes to try and more. And on a food tour, you normally get to try several restaurants on the same trip paired with great wine or other drinks. 

Explore Ibiza food
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Another great way of learning is hiring a private chef to the comfort of your villa to take you on a culinary journey. They will be able to teach you about the history of the dishes and even how to make them. This lets you have a front-row seat to a masterful show from produce to a delectable feast. And what a treat to have a chef knock on your door with lots of fresh produce and drinks so that you can have a spectacular al fresco meal in your garden. 

Seafood is at its peak during wintertime and it’s the perfect time to try the famous Bullit de Peix. This rich fish stew can be made in many variations, but traditionally it’s made with the fresh catch of the day that fishermen didn’t manage to sell. The name of the dish means “boiled fish” in Catalan and it’s made with sautéed vegetables, garlic, potatoes, and a variety of spices including saffron which gives it a yellow color. It’s made with rock fish, but other types of fish and shellfish are added as variations. It’s a delectable dish with rich flavors. 

Another iconic dish called Sofrit Pagès is a hearty meat stew that has also been passed on through families for generations. There are many varieties, but it’s usually made with lamb, chicken, a selection of herbs, almonds, potatoes, butifarra and sobrasada, which are two types of sausages, and last, but not least saffron. The moors brought this precious spice centuries ago and today it’s tinting the most adored dishes in yellow. 

Other Winter Activities in Ibiza:

How about rolling through the wild terrain on a buggy tour? You can quickly discover both the countryside trails and the coast while have a fantastic time. The guide will show you all the picturesque spots and there is plenty of time to take dips in the ocean and photos.

Ibiza sunset during winter
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

Imagine experiencing the magical Ibizan sunset from a kayak in serene, azure waters covered in shimmering golden light. Ibiza is wonderful for kayaking as you’ll be paddling past postcard-perfect scenery the whole way. You can either rent a kayak or take a tour which is recommended if you’re relatively new to kayaking. 

One of the most idyllic things you can do—unless you’re afraid of heights—is ballooning over the spectacular landscapes of Ibiza. Imagine seeing a sunset from that angle while enjoying a thrilling adventure with your friends or loved ones. 

There are very few places that you can boat without a license, but if you head to the Port of Sant Antoni, you can easily rent a boat and cruise around the municipality while admiring the orange rock faces, turquoise waters and enjoying the small boat with your friends. You can bring a picnic to enjoy a sunset meal and go swimming anywhere you want. These small boats are easy to maneuver and won’t reach high speeds. 

From the same town of Sant Antoni, you can also have the complete opposite boating experience called the Twister Jet. This is like a rollercoaster ride on water as the pointed speed boat has seats just like you can see in the amusement parks. The captain does high speed twists and turns at 360 degrees, soaking its passengers with waves of water entering the boat. This is definitely the experience for thrill seekers. 

Mark Zuckerberg received extra hype when he posted a video of himself on a hydrofoil with the American flag. Did that make you want to try it? In Ibiza that’s possible, and the waters are the perfect place to learn. You can start by taking classes and when you feel comfortable you can also rent a hydrofoil to experiment on your own. 

If your budget doesn’t stretch for a yacht, why not try a ride on Float Your Boat. They have different types of cruises for all ages and cruise to different beaches so that people can swim in the clear blue waters. There are many types of toys on the boat like paddleboards, bodyboards, donuts, floating mattrasses, snorkeling gear and the boat also has a diving board and a water slide. In the evenings you can enjoy a sunset cruise with drinks or even a party cruise. 

One can write a whole book on winter activities in Ibiza, but we hope that you got some inspiration from this modest selection. It’s always best to plan ahead as some establishments close during the winter season and there are also pop-up events and retreats that are worth checking out. And it’s always great to rent a car or motorcycle to travel around the different villages, historical sites, and breathtaking natural wonders. Ibiza is a small island, but there is magic around every corner.

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